In a galaxy far far away…we all started somewhere, and at some time!

 I just had a wonderful conversation with an old friend that reminded me of things I really need to tell myself more often. I call these “A Cosplayer’s ‘Unsaid Guidelines.’ “  CourtoonXIII’s posts these too as “Cosplay Tips,” I keep track of them & Will post them here too ;) These are things I wish I had heard when I started out years ago. But I have learned over time and from amazing individuals:

  • NO ONE can fit exact measurements to fictional characters, really. Everyone is different and unique. Making a costume fit to YOUR body and body type is a beautiful thing. We are all masters at improv beceause of this.
  •  You dont have to be accurate to cosplay. There will be haters, there always but ignore them.  Everyone has their own priorities and preferences when it comes to cosplay and the like.
  • You dont have to have the perfect body (i certainly dont!) to cosplay who you want to.
  • There are ALOT of options when it comes to materials. Even with a budget.
  • There are things that you will learn on your own that aren’t mentioned in tutorials. Which is why it is great to try many things on your own. One step at a time. You’d be surprised to discover what you may while doing so.
  • Cosplay Tip 001: Don’t be afraid to look unattractive, derping around and exploring expressions is one of the best parts about cosplaying!
  •  Cosplay Tip 002: Don’t dress up for anyone but yourself, when it gets overwhelming, just remember who you are doing this for. You.
  •  Cosplay Tip 003: Be grateful, not expectant. Good things will come.
  • Cosplay Tip 004: Thrift stores can be your best friend.
  • Cosplay Tip 005: You have nothing to prove to anyone else besides you. (Also, life tip)

  • Cosplay Tip 007: Don’t be intimated by a costume if another cosplayer has already done it ‘perfectly’. Cosplay what you are drawn too, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Cosplay Tip 008: You will not regret making functional pockets in your costumes.

  • Cosplay Tip 009: Remember. Cosplay is supposed to be fun. (She says angrily as all of her costumes for a con in three days are falling a part in front of her)

  • Cosplay Tip 011: Practice posing and facial expressions in a mirror. It may feel stupid, but you won’t regret it!

 Everyone start’s somewhere!

Do you have anything to add :D ? What is something you wish you had learned earlier?

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